Mini Deli Sandwiches $35 per dozen

  A varied selection of favorites from the Katzinger’s sandwich menu – in miniature (minimum order of  2 dozen & please choose a quantity of 6 or 12 of  each sandwich)

 #12 Norman's Special II - Roast beef, turkey,  muenster cheese, Russian dressing

#21 Gene's Free Lunch-  Corned beef, roast beef, Swiss cheese, coleslaw and Russian dressing

#46 Repast of the Robber Baron- Turkey, lettuce, tomato and mayo

#32 Andy's Got Another Job-Smoked turkey, honey ham, scallion cream cheese and Honeycup mustard

#41 Phil's Katzinger's Club- Homemade Chicken salad, applewood smoked bacon, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo and Honeycup mustard. 

#54 Doug's Vegetarian Head Plant (Vegan)- Garlicky marinated artichoke hearts, roasted red pepper, spinach, cucumber, lettuce, tomato in pita

Tuna salad, tomato, lettuce in a pita

Chicken salad tomato, lettuce in a pita

Hot Mini Grills $35 per dozen

  Selection of our most popular grilled sandwiches – in miniature – (minimum order of  2 dozen & please choose a quantity of 6 or 12 of  each sandwich)

#1 Katzinger’s Reuben – need we say more?

#9 Jimmy's Photo Finish - Pastrami, Swiss cheese, onions, hot mustard

#11 Janis' Special Can-Do Smoked turkey, Muenster cheese, Honeycup mustard

#16 Be's Bustling Birdwich - Turkey, Swiss cheese, coleslaw, Russian dressing

#57 Franklin's Kibbetz- Katzinger's Homemade fresh mozzarella, our own pesto and tomato

Deluxe Cheese Board

  Five of our best-selling cheeses, laden with fruit and accompanied by crackers and freshly baked Katzinger’s “Bake House” baguette.

Mini (Serves 5-7) $60  Sm. (Serves 12-15) $95  Lg. (Serves 25-30) $1150

Exquisite Cheese Board

  For the true cheese aficionado, we serve wedges of fine artisan cheeses accompanied by marcona almonds, cornichons, and perfectly matched jam or honey. Served with crackers and fresh baked Katzinger's baguette slices. 

Mini (Serves 5-7) $75  Sm. (Serves 12-15) $145  Lg. (Serves 25-30) $250

Rachel Knows Best Spicy Pimento Cheese Platter (as seen on The Barefoot Contessa!)

    Fall in love again for the very first time with our traditional (with pizzazz added!) taste-of- the-South pimento cheese spread.  Served with toasted pita, pumpernickel wedges, cucumber slices, carrot and celery sticks.  All you need is a Gin Fizz!

Mini (Serves 5-7) $45  Sm. (Serves 12-15) $70  Lg. (Serves 25-30) $105

Mediterranean Relishes

  Freshly cut crudité and homemade dip accented by marinated artichokes and imported olives.

Mini (Serves 5-7) $40  Sm. (Serves 12-15) $70  Lg. (Serves 25-30) $100

Antipasto Platter

    A true Italian styled feast of an appetizer – various garlicky salamis, including Capicolla, Sopressata & Genoa, along with prosciutto slices, Provolone cheese, bread sticks, imported olives, marinated artichokes, peppers and cherry tomatoes.

Mini (Serves 5-7) $55  Sm. (Serves 12-15) $80  Lg. (Serves 25-30) $135

Deviled Eggs

  Three different, very yummy fillings. Order them all or choose your favorite. Please allow 24 hours notice.  3 dozen per filling minimum.

    Tarragon, Sundried Tomato, or Americana (a classic deviled egg)     $10 per dozen

    Smoked Salmon    $15 per dozen

Sauerkraut balls – Like a mini reuben without the bread!

    Accompanied by spicy mustard and Russian dressing. You won’t believe how good these are! 3 dozen minimum.   $12 per dozen