Katzinger’s “I’ll have what Marty’s having” Potato Knish – Our homemade traditional Eastern European peasant food – a pastry dough surrounding a mashed potato and caramelized onion filling.  You won’t believe how good it is!  $2.50 or  $2.00 with any sandwich.

Potato Latke - Grated potato and onion made into a pancake, then deep fried.
    Served with apple sauce or sour cream.

 Noodle Kugel – A slightly sweet and very comforting noodle pudding. Choose
    apricot or sour cherry. You can find the recipe in Bon Apetit.

Chopped Liver – Made with chicken livers, caramelized onion and real schmaltz.  Served with rye heels.

Marinated or Creamed Herring – Fat and succulent. Served with a rye slice.

Cheese Blintz – A crepe with a sweet cheese filling served with preserves or sour cream.
    Two for $5.50