Turtle Brownie – Our most popular brownie.  Rich chocolate surrounding gooey caramel, studded with chocolate chips and walnuts.  $2.25

Fudgies – The deepest, densest bittersweet chocolate brownie imaginable.  Contains no nut products.  $2.25

Stealers – A turtle brownie maxed with an additional layer of peanut butter filling…even gooier.  $2.25

Blondie Brownie -  A chocolate chip cookie bar studded with butterscotch and walnuts.  $2.25

Rugalech –   Delicate cream cheese pastry dough wrapping a yummy filling of fruits and nuts.
         Individually $1.25            Pound      $14.99

New York Cheesecake –  A full ½ pound of cream cheesey sweet goodness in every slice.....$4.50    Fruit topped......$4.95

Whole 10” NY Cheesecake....$ 38.00 (serves 12-16)
          With fruit .....$ 42.00 (serves 12-16)

Carrot Cake – Dark and spicy with a cream cheese frosting.....$4.95
        Whole $45.00 (serves 8-12)


Specialty Desserts – all prepared in our very own bakery.   We offer a wide selection of cakes, pies, tortes and tarts served fresh and made with the absolute finest ingredients- imported chocolate, real vanilla, heavy cream,  sweet butter. Every day we offer a selection of eight or more.    Please allow 48 hours for special requests.